What Does the Active Living Definition Really Mean?

A lot of people really don’t understand the active living definition. This is because some people figure that because they are on the go all day that they are active enough. They may rise at 6 am, sit down to a bacon and egg breakfast, read the newspaper for an hour then head off to the office where they sit behind a desk for 8 hours. Following this, they sit in the car for an hour fighting traffic then arrive home to sit down for a full meal. They have been out and about all day but this scenario really does not fit into the active living definition.

The real meaning of the active living definition is to add some form of exercise that can be incorporated into your daily routine or your lifestyle. For example, instead of taking the car back and forth to work, how about riding a bike. Or instead of driving to the local stores think about walking. Pushing yourself beyond what you normally do in a day in regards to your activity will take you closer to the active living definition.

By doing this you are encouraging all of the major organs in your body to perform at their best. You are stepping up your metabolism so in turn, you will burn more calories. When you are being active in this form it is taking up time that may be spent on potentially harmful activities like snacking or laying in front of the television on a regular basis.

For those that are becoming intent on changing their lifestyle to a healthier one, it means becoming more active and there are many choices that will allow a person to do this. If bike riding or walking isn’t your thing then consider joining a sport even if its not one that demands a lot of energy or a big time commitment.

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